Choir Registration 2023

Choir registration now open

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Changes in 2023

Following feedback from last year’s Choir Festival we are hoping to make your festival experience in 2023 more enjoyable and more satisfying.

  • We have decided to revert to annual choir festivals.
  • To minimise the problem of running over time, choirs will now be given 20 minute slots rather than 15 minutes.
  • Since we plan only 11 concerts over the weekend we will have to limit the number of choirs performing over the weekend to 40. As a consequence, choirs should anticipate singing roughly twice every three years.
  • Choirs that did not perform in 2022 will be given some priority and are encouraged to register early.
  • Choristers will now be registered in their rehearsal venue.
  • Choristers are permitted to sit in the chorister seats in the session they are performing in
  • Choristers will be entitled to a 50% discount on tickets to sessions they are not performing in, with a maximum expenditure of $100 over the entire weekend.
  • Tickets to the public will be discounted when purchasing more than one ticket.

Close to the Festival weekend choirs will be asked to submit their list of choristers and their set lists.

Note. If you are a new choir registering please also email a photo of your choir for the choirs webpage to

If your choir participated last year you may prefer to use your choir photo uploaded here

2023 Registration form


In this section, please enter the choir name, the likely number of singers, the type of your choir, where you are based (location), your choir’s website and/or Facebook address. For the number of singers enter the likely maximum number you anticipate singing (eg 25). This can be changed at any time but helps with programming.

For the website and/or Facebook address, ignore the leading https//: or www. For example, Christine would simply type for the Heathens Choir website.


Please enter the mobile number in the form 0400 000 000

List any Accompanists – names and instruments


If your choir’s contact person is the MD listed above, go to Section 4.

Please enter the mobile number in the form 0400 000 000


For checkbox questions, you can make more than one selection by clicking in the box to the left of your selection.

Specify requirement if necessary:

Does your proposed music have any content that might be considered unsuitable for performance in a church or unsuitable for children? (This is a programming consideration only.)


You can indicate your concert preference(s), MD or chorister unavailability here:


Provide approximately 200 words about your choir for the website and other publicity. See the 2022 choirs webpage for examples of choir descriptions. (You may say that your 2022 bio currently on the website is unchanged.)


We will be photographing and possibly recording performances for our archives and for future publicity. Photos will be available to you, but not to others without your consent. The term “RECORDING” covers both.

The public may also wish to take photos of your choir during your performance; we will request no flash photography, and video recording by the public only with your consent.

Please indicate your consent (or otherwise) for our official photographer and for the public. If you do not give consent that advice will be announced during the concert.