General registration information:


1. There are no registration fees.
2. The Festival will cover performance royalties via APRA/AMCOS.
3. You take care of other costs associated with your music (print royalties, MD fees etc) and personal expenses.

Chorister tickets:

Participating choristers will of course be admitted without charge to sessions in which they are performing, but because we absolutely rely on ticket sales to pay expenses and there are so many choristers, we are unfortunately unable to offer choristers free tickets beyond that.

HOWEVER, registered choristers and musicians, wearing a wristband (issued on check-in at the registration desk) will receive a $10 discount on tickets for Stage 1 and a $5 discount for Stages 2 and 3:
– At the door unless sold out
during the last 15 minutes before concerts commence,
– NO advance sales.

To be sure of a seat, book full price tickets online: See Tickets page – active mid June.

Is selection guaranteed?

There might be more choirs wishing to participate than time allows. We will do our best to fit everyone in, but registration does not guarantee a place in the program. If we have to be selective, the ‘short list’ will consist of choirs whose:
– Registration was submitted by 30th April,
– Availability is reasonably flexible – those available for more sessions have a better chance of finding a spot than those available for fewer.
“Getting in first” with your registration is therefore of no advantage to you, but taking the time and trouble to make it complete and specific definitely is!​
The program is arranged to provide musical variety and audience temptation in every session. In balancing the mix for each concert, we find that the choirs that are available for the most sessions are the easiest to place in the program.