Information for choristers

A number of changes are being trailed in 2023 following feedback from last year’s festival.


In 2023 chorister registrations will take place in your rehearsal venue.

Discounted tickets for choristers

Discounted tickets will be available for choristers, one ticket per chorister per session. These tickets are not transferable.

Ticket prices are:

  • Concerts in Phillips Hall: Full price $30, DISCOUNTED PRICE $15
  • Concerts in the Presbyterian Church: Full price $20, DISCOUNTED PRICE $10
  • SHiNDiG at the Golf Club (9.30pm Saturday) $10 for all


You will be charged a maximum of $100 when you purchase your chorister tickets online, but this needs to be done at the one time. You can purchase additional tickets online on another occasion, but use the Box Office during the Festival if you wish to purchase additional tickets that will otherwise take you over the $100 cap.

You will still be able to sit in the chorister area during the session you are singing in for free (but please pick up your belongings from your Green Room first because your storage corner may need to be re-used for another choir). You can purchase a discounted ticket for that session if you wish to sit as an audience member. A discount for audience tickets will also apply when purchasing more than a single full-price ticket.

A link will be added here to the chorister ticket portal once tickets go online. This link will be just for choristers. Only one ticket per session can be purchased if you use this link and you will asked for the choir you are performing with in 2023. If you wish to buy a full price ticket for yourself or others you will need to use the link on the 2023 Program page once that page/link is added.

Festival Chorus

Come and experience the joy of singing with 100 or or more voices!! The music this year will be a selection of beautiful baroque and renaissance pieces under the direction of London-based conductor James Dixon. Registrations will open in February once the program has been set.