Sat 26 Aug 2023 from 9.30 pm
Blackheath Golf Club

Singalong… Jam Session… Hootenanny… Karaoke on mass…

Whatever you want to call it…The Evergreen SHiNDiG is a night celebrating COMMUNITY MUSIC where YOU help provide the tunes. Bring along your voice box and perhaps your own (Acoustic) music maker* to hoot/holler/pick/strum/shake or noodle along with some of the biggest and best and most inclusive singalong tunes we can think of. Anything from Elvis to Bowie, Dylan to Elton, Fleetwood Mac to Oasis, Aretha to Backstreet Boys. The night is led by the talented and passionate Ben Marshall and the Evergreen Music Team. Lyrics/chords/melody lines provided (via projector screen)… you just rock up, find a spot to sit/stand/dance and join in!

No audition required, no pressure to be involved…but certainly ALL WELCOME, just pull up a barstool and you’re in the band! You only know three chords? That’ll get you pretty far at a SHiNDiG!

If playing music isn’t your thing, you may like to come along and just to sip on a beer or wine and soak up some wholesome Community atmosphere… but please be aware after 10 minutes and a pint you are at high risk of joining in!

So it’s about time to dust off that mandolin, buy some new reeds for your clarinet, re-string that guitar and get down to THE GOLF CLUB ON SATURDAY NIGHT 26 Aug from 9.30 pm for a night celebrating the joy of community music. Don’t miss THE EVERGREEN SHiNDiG!

Ticket price just $10 to cover costs

*MUSIC MAKER for a SHiNDiG is something acoustic…
Acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, acoustic bass, flute, sax, fiddle, accordion are a few examples of ‘music makers’ that have appeared at our previous SHiNDiGS. If you have any more questions or want some more information don’t hesitate to contact us… but you really just need to come along and experience for yourself!

Click on one of the following images taken from one of Ben’s SHiNDiG’s to view an enlargement: