Registrations will take place in the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre (BANC), the entrance to which is in Gardner Cres, opposite Hydra Lane. The office is virtually under Phillips Hall stage.

The performance venues are:

  • Phillips Hall, Gardiner Cr. The audience entrance is off Blackheath Gardens (ie: the other side of the building from Gardiner Cres), and choristers enter via the Bates Hall door, again off Blackheath Gardens.
  • Presbyterian Church, 123-125 Wentworth St, a venue with wonderful acoustics
  • Baptist Church, 6 Bundarra St
  • Gardners Inn, Great Western Highway, opposite railway station
  • Golf Club, corner of Wentworth St and Brightlands Ave

The rehearsal venues are:

  • Presbyterian Church and Hall
  • Baptist Church and Hall
  • Country Women’s Association (CWA) room
  • Bates Hall

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A Google Maps version of this map is available here: Performance Locations.