Join Jacinta Tobin in a workshop covering her research on song lines in Darug Country as a Darug woman on a walk of revitalisation of her culture.

Jacinta is developing greater understandings on how to read signals and signs in Country, while learning to trust and strengthen her own ways of knowing how to connect.

This workshop will give honour to song with its power and potential. This is not song for song’s sake, this is song for Country’s sake.

  • The aim is to assist in bring a better understanding of Country and connection.
  • Exploring the concept of caring for Country what does it mean, how is this related to music and where to from here together.
  • Visual and musical power point presentation
  • Group participation in Darug song.
  • Time for a yarn.

Please join the Jacinta and let’s sing and picture a brighter future for all.

11am – 1pm Saturday 27 August 2022
Phillips Hall, Gardner Crescent, Blackheath
Tickets $10 (click 2022 PROGRAMS & TICKETS)
children free

There will be a lunch break during which soup, sandwiches, sausage rolls,
slices, gluten free, can be purchased at rear of the Hall.

Jacinta’s workshop is sponsored by the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre